2022 The Beijing Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony

On the night of February 20, the "Bird's Nest" was is destined to be a sea of joy.

Athletes from all over the world and all over the world once again gathered together to enjoy the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.

Together we will bring the Beijing Winter Olympics to a successful conclusion.

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Would love to share with you there is five memorable moments in Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games freestyle skiing women's big jump final, just over a year of training, China's Gu Ailing in the last jump for the first time in the super high difficulty of 1620, obtained a high score of 94.50, with a total score of 188.25 points to win the gold medal, making history. France's Tess Ledeuxl won the silver medal with 187.50 points, and Switzerland's  Mathilde Germaud won the bronze medal with 182.50 points.

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left body turn 1620 degrees safety grab plate "how difficult is this action? It is the current "ceiling" of women's big jump. What's more surprising is that Gu Ailing has never touched this movement in official competitions before.

2,Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu came out 21st in the men's single skating free skating competition in figure skating.

The first action of the opening was the Axel four-week jump (4A), but he fell when he didn't control his center of gravity and landed.


‘4A no one has ever been successful no one knows how to be successful sometimes I also think that no one can be successful’

As one of the most difficult jumps in figure skating. No athlete has ever done it in an official competition before, but he chose to try and challenge it. One success or failure does not define greatness, breaking through one's limits and climbing higher mountains is the real charm of competitive sports!


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When the Winter Olympics met the Chinese New Year, Matt Weston, a 24-year-old steel frame snowmobiler from the United Kingdom, took the opportunity to involved a traditional Chinese culture. on February 3, he shared a Chinese New Year couplet written with a brush on his social media platform, and asked netizens to guess what was written. the photo was released and generated a lot of buzz and hundreds of likes.


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Ukraine's Oleksandr Abramenko won the silver medal and Russian Olympic Committee member Ilya Burov won the bronze medal.

This image above is the moment when Ilya Burov high-fived and hugged Abramenko tightly as they shared their joy after the final ranking was announced.


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She is the German speed skating legend "Grandma Skater" Claudia Pechstein, who has won five gold medals, broken world records and is turning 50 for the eighth time at the Winter Olympics. Although she finished in last place in the speed skating 3000m race, she was still very happy "I skated across the finish line with a smile on my face". As Pechstein said, "My legs are old, but my heart is still young." We salute the veteran who perseveres and sticks to his dream.

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Bai Chang(Hundredcare) hope everyone's career is as great a success as the Beijing Winter Olympics,‘One World, One Family’: Beijing Winter Olympics draws to a close with stunning ceremony’

Post time: Feb-23-2022