Bai Chang(Hundredcare) wish the Olympic athletes a great success


The much-anticipated 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has been opened, from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, China once again amazing the world, the 24th Olympic Games, held on February 4, is the fourth lunar year, the first 24 solar terms, 20:04 this different time point. Bai Chang(Hundredcare) wish the Olympic athletes a great success.

Do you know how usually relax your muscles after exercise?


① The first is ice, in training you can use ice directly on the surface of the muscle rubbing, can relieve the phenomenon of muscle swelling

② The second ice bath, two POTS of water, the water temperature of 15-20 degrees, 30-35 degrees is ok, alternate soaking for five minutes each, a bucket soaking three times

③ The third is physical therapy with medical equipment that uses electricity to stimulate deep muscle relaxation

④ Fourth, foam axis

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⑤ Fifth, pay attention to the spirit of relaxation, psychological state, such as when there is no conflict, should timely communicate with the coach, good rest training, do not directly start learning, do not directly play video games, empty your mind for a period of time

⑥ Sixth, there are three ways to stretch. Stretching after exercise can relieve muscle soreness, improve the flexibility of the body, increase the motion range of muscles, and change the dimension and length of muscles, so as to achieve the role of shaping.

1) The first type is active stretching, which is self-directed stretching. Each part of the muscle has a specific stretching action. It is mainly used to lengthen the muscle to relieve tension.Usually used to stretch before training.

2) The second type is passive stretching, which can be done autonomously or assisted by others. It also stretches the muscles to relax. This kind of stretching is better, so most people choose to use post-training stretching.

3) The third is fascia relaxation, need to use fascia gun assist, the whole body muscles by specific relaxation action, because the pain is strong, muscle limit change is not obvious, it is recommended that individuals complete, can be used for training before, training after stretching.

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Post time: Feb-15-2022