About fascia gun

About Fascia Gun

Q 1: What is the origin of fascia gun?

Fascia Gun (short for Fascia relaxation massage Gun) is for high frequency impulse Therapy for Fascia relaxation.

Fascia gun was originally derived from medical shock wave. Shock wave is a mechanical sound wave that gathers energy and generates energy through vibration and high-speed motion, which leads to extreme compression of the medium. It will cause a jump change in the physical properties of the medium, such as pressure, temperature and density

Q 2: What is the treatment principle of fascia gun?

After fitness or exercise, the sympathetic nerve is over-excited, causing the muscle to be too tense at static time, resulting in fascial adhesion, which affects the recovery of growth.When fascia adhesion or injury, the body often appears a lot of uncomfortable reactions: stiff, tight muscles, local skin temperature is low, wet;Muscle tissue lax, inelastic or elastic decline, depression;There are irregular lumps or cords of hard tissue under the skin, deep musculature, and between bone seams.

This is the body's way of protecting muscles and preventing them from recovering, especially deep muscles that are hard to reach by the foam axis or vibrating foam axis.

Q 3: What are the biological functions of the fascia gun?What are the indications for fascia gun?

1) Penetrate the skin into the deep tissue for more in-depth treatment.2) Release the adhesive tissue.3) Lysis of high-density tissue.4) Promote blood circulation and form new capillaries.5) Suppress inflammation.6) Pain is inhibited by inhibiting pain signal transmission and medium release.7) Damage the damaged tissue and stimulate the body to repair itself.

Q 4: What can not be used with fascia gun?Contraindications of outside body treatment?

Patients with coagulation disorder or undergoing anticoagulant treatment patients with circulatory system diseases at the stage of attack patients with tendon and fascia rupture and severe injury patients with thrombosis local bone defect larger than 1cm joint fluid leakage local tumors pregnant women children epiphysis local weakness and pain intolerance patients with severe cognitive impairment and mental diseases

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